Debt Snowball Progress for July 2015

The snowball is getting bigger! This month, I rolled over the payment from Credit Cart No.1 into Credit Card No. 2. I also added a bit more to the amount each month so that I’m not paying a small bill in December.

It was so odd and disheartening to see such a large amount of money go to one creditor. I’m excited for the day when that money will come to me and no one else. Those dollars will go toward retirement, other investments, savings or big purchases I’ve longed to make.

I can’t even remember what I purchased with the credit card. Isn’t that a shame! Whatever I bought probably wasn’t worth the aggravation it’s giving me now. I’ll remember this feeling so I won’t go into more credit card debt when I break free. By this time next year, I will be free. God-willing, I WILL BE FREE.

Debt Snowball Progress July 2015


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