Word of the Day: Emcumbrance

Encumbrance2The daily horoscope in the local newspaper spoke to me today. Usually, I take everything with a grain of salt because they could be used for any other sign besides Aquarius. Anyhoo, the horoscope read: “It’s time for those material possessions that don’t serve your well to be released to someone who will put them to good use. Immediately the lack of encumbrance will make you feel younger.”

Hmm…Encumbrance. It made my nose turn up as if an odor assaulted by olfactory system. Using my context clues, I was could tell it had a negative connotation.

A quick Google search showed that encumbrance means a “burden or impediment.” Synonyms include: hindrance, obstruction, obstacle, impediment, constraint, handicap, inconvenience, nuisance, disadvantage, drawback, etc.

Yep, debt is definitely an encumbrance. All of this baggage will slow down my journey to financial prosperity. I’m going to keep this image in mind. The term could also be used to define a mortgage or other charge on property or assets.

But as far as I’m concerned, my credit card debt and student loans will be known as encumbrance. I mean—who doesn’t want to get rid of that quickly?!


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