Day 19: Strengthen Stewardship

Main Point: The better I handle the money I have, the more I may receive.

Today’s assignment: Sign a quitclaim deed acknowledging that everything I have belongs to God.

If you are ready to acknowledge that God owns everything you have, go online, print out and sign the quitclaim deed. If you honestly can’t sign the deed, pray that God will help you realize he’s in control.

Identify one area of your finances where you have been a good steward but where you may need some inspiration. Once you’ve identified one area of your finances that could be improved upon, determine what you can do to make it better.

I feel that I’ve been a good steward of my retirement savings, but I’d like to better understand each of my policies.

What I wanted to buy today, but didn’t:

I wanted to buy a car wash. It started yesterday when I saw the long line at Sheetz for the car wash. Everyone was trying to get the snow and salt off their cars. I’m waiting to see if it rains Sunday. That way, I’ll save some money.

What was easy about today?

Having more free meals at work. My company had clients from all around the country in this week, so we get the leftovers of anything that’s delivered. Yay!

What was hard about today?

It was hard to see my bank account balance dwindle after paying for rent and the cell phone bill. Ugh. It’s funny that just a few weeks ago, I would be spending everything until I had less than $100 in my checking account and the bank would send me a low balance alert. I don’t ever want to see one of those again.

What did I learned from today’s chapter?

The chapter reiterated that being a good steward of my finances could open up more blessings for me. Not that I’m deeply religious, but I remember a scripture that asks how can you be a good steward of much when you can’t manage the little you already have. I’m trying to save and pay debt now so that I’ll have good habits for when my life changes, and, I hope, my pay increases.

What I was feeling today about my finances?

I was feeling OK. I felt calm knowing that I have a budget and won’t be spending frivolously. Although this first part of the month will put a huge dent on my bank account, I know that things will get better.


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