Day 20: Relationships Rescued

Main Point: Taking a break from consumption can help you focus on the most important relationships in your life.

Today’s assignment: I will call a close relative or friend with whom I have exchanged gifts in the past and come up with an agreement that on the next birthday, anniversary or holiday, we will not spend money on each other but spend time with each other instead.

What I wanted to buy today, but didn’t:

I wanted to buy another car wash. While driving home from exercise class, I grew envious of the clean, shiny cars whipping past me. I swear the handsome guy sitting up  high next to me at the stoplight in his big, blue truck, looked down at me in disgust because my car is super grimy. Guess he won’t be asking me out? But I’m going to wait it out. The forecast says it might rain Sunday. That’ll be a few dollars (and my dignity) saved.

What was easy about today?

It was easy to exercise in my free class. The instructor offers three free classes a week. And they’re tough, too. Everyone really feels it the next day.

What was hard about today?

It was hard to talk about buying a 5-pound fitness hula hoop for upcoming classes. Some of the ladies said they just received theirs. When I looked at prices, they were 40 or 50 dollars. I don’t want to spend on that, but it would be a good investment. I’ll think about it hard. Especially since the spending fast will be lifted tomorrow.

What did I learn from today’s chapter?

The chapter reminded me that spending money doesn’t mean “I love you.” I’d much rather spend more quality time with my loved ones, especially my parents. It’s rare that my father and I just enjoy each others’ company aside from watching TV when I visit my hometown. I want us to create more memories.

What I was feeling today about my finances?

I still feel sad at my dwindling bank account. I’m confused a little about my retirement savings. Last night, my aunt and I were talking about the different vehicles in which I’m putting my money. She warned me not to have too many and asked me why I had term insurance. I don’t have kids. I’ll have to look further into that because I understood why term insurance was important when talking to my financial planner, but all of that has escaped my brain. She understood, saying every year she has to relearn medical insurance terms (HSA vs. FSA) and doesn’t have a mind for investing, either. I need to do more homework.

I also has asked my aunt if she had taking advantage of high interest rates of an online savings account. Throughout the day, I was trying to see which savings account is best for my Emergency Fund and Life Happens Fund. I decided to go ahead and start dropping a money in both. Now, I have direct deposits set up for both the funds.

I’m still trying to decide between needs and wants to. It’s been nearly two months since my loctician touched my hair. I love her, but don’t want to shell out the $80 to style my hair for my birthday next week. I’d do my own hair and spend that money elsewhere. It’s funny how quickly priorities can change.


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