Day 18: Broken Bonds

Main Point: It’s okay to embrace your wealth.

Today’s assignment: Stop worrying about not having enough money, because God has so richly blessed me.

What bonds have kept you from accepting God’s abundance in your life? Make a list any financial bonds you can identify. Why do you think you have a problem with overspending? What might be missing in your life that you try to make it up with shopping?

After you’ve made your list, identify just one financial bond you will commit to addressing.

My bonds:
– overspending (basically living paycheck to paycheck)

I think shopping was a way of passing the time because I don’t have a romantic partner to occupy that time. I’m restless in that aspect of my life. I like my job, friends, community service projects and I like my fitness routine. I guess I was buying things to make me more attractive.

I also have a problem overspending because that’s what my mother modeled growing up. I never heard about budgets or even knew about saving until I was well into college and later. This fast is helping me break this cycle.

What I wanted to buy today, but didn’t:

There was nothing I really wanted besides my floss. I felt that it was a necessity and was on sale.

What was easy about today?

Again, it was easy to not eat out. My company had a chili cook-off, so my co-workers basically fed me. After tasting 13 chilis, I was full.

What was hard about today?

It was hard to type all of my expenses in my Google budget spreadsheet. I did well during the fast. After looking at my expenses before Jan. 14, I realize that I wouldn’t have been going down a bad path.

What did I learned from today’s chapter?

I learned that having more than enough money could be just as troubling to some people as having too little. It’s as if they feel the rug will be pulled from beneath them.

What I was feeling today about my finances?

I’m feeling good. I look forward to paying my bills for the first half of the month. I hope I have a little bit to celebrate my birthday next weekend.

While watching The Bethenny Show, I saw that she was going to have Lynette Khalfani-Cox a.k.a. The Money Coach on her show. I love her! She talked about Cracking the Code: How to Get the Perfect Credit Score. Her segment was fun because the audience guessed what moves would be bad or good for credit. I loved her visualization with the items in the three different vases to illustrate your debt-to-credit ratio. I tweeted her after the show aired and she tweeted me back, saying thanks for watching her. I’m so glad she’s helping people with their personal finances. She speaks from experience.


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