Day 16: The Caregiver Cliff

Main Point: Millions of U.S. households contain someone caring for an older relative or friend.

Today’s assignment: Take the time to learn about long-term care insurance and being planning for any caregiving responsibilities that may fall to me.

What I wanted to buy today, but didn’t:

I wanted to buy cookie dough and Jello pudding. It was on that 2 for $4 sale again. But I left Harris Teeter with my half gallon of milk and 12-packet box of instant grits.

What was easy about today?

Again, eating home-cooked meals and the Jimmy John’s lunch at work makes it easy not to dine out. I don’t understand why I was so lazy to cook and plan before. It’s one of the easiest ways to cook back.

What was hard about today?

Paying off my mattress debt was a bit difficult. The payment was nearly $140 more than the minimum amount due. I’m trusting myself to continue to buy essentials so I’m not wasting money, and still have enough left over to pay bills. It’s super exciting to write PAID IN FULL next to that debt though. Now, I can add $50 (from two minimum payments) to the next card payment on my Debt Dash Plan. The next debt will be paid off in six months using this method alone. It could be sooner if I put my freelance money to it.

What did I learned from today’s chapter?

I hadn’t even thought about long-term insurance, but I feel good knowing that veterans and their spouses could get help. I’ll keep that in mind for my father and stepmother. Now, my mother, is a different story. I have no idea how to broach the subject of money with my mother. We don’t see eye to eye on this subject.

What I was feeling today about my finances?

Today, I’m between feeling empowered and scared. Paying off that mattress debt in full has me a little antsy, especially when I was looking at airplane tickets for my summer trip to New Orleans.


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