Day 11: Leave a Legacy of Good Money Sense

Main Point: Train your child to be a good money manager.

Today’s assignment: Pledge to show your child by example what it means to be a good steward over money.

What I wanted to buy today, but didn’t:

I almost peered into the Bargain Box to see that blue dress, but got distracted thank goodness.

What was easy about today?

It was easy to satisfy my snack cravings because my coworkers brought in chili, tortilla chips and guacamole. Just what I needed.

A great side effect of this fast is healthier eating. I had broccoli and an apple yesterday. Let’s forget about the pizza.

What was hard about today?

It was hard to tell my friends the I couldn’t participate in our bi-weekly trivia night because of the $3 entry fee. A friend offered to pay for me, but I had to turn that down. That’s the second time folks have been willing to pay for me. It’s sweet, but a little bit of cheating. I didn’t consider that when a friend bought me a drink last Saturday night.

What did I learned from today’s chapter?

I learned that I’ll have to really think about what I’d like to impart to my kids. My parents definitely didn’t teach me or show me about living below their means, how to budget, how to save and how to avoid debt.

My mom practically encouraged it, allowing me to get two credit cards at age 18 and taking one that she ran all the way up to the limit. The other day, when my mom read my QCityMetro column about starting the fast, she was like, “Well, it’s fine if you want to do that.”

No enthusiasm. But how many times have I heard her say, “My money’s looking kind of funny.” Her money is a full-time stand-up comedian. I wish she were more supportive of me and see the benefits of the fast. I hope she completes it one day together better money habits.

What I was feeling today about my finances?

Neutral. I’m hating seeing my checking account decrease now more than ever. The fast is working.


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