Day 7: Budgeting for Life

Main Point: A budget is your roadmap to prosperity.

Today’s assignment: Start developing your budget so that you’re through by the end of Day 11. Journal each day until then to discuss how the

I will use the budget I already made in Google Drive and review the one I made last with the CCCS of Greater Greensboro. They’ll give me a good headstart.

What I wanted to buy today, but didn’t:

I haven’t stepped foot out of my house or ventured to shop online. I didn’t want to buy anything today.

What was easy about today?

It was quite easy tossing my Sunday sales papers into the recycling bin. They’re usually the first things I grab in the paper because, for some reason, I love to spot a sale in Target. I would go in there every week for something. Well, not anymore.

What was hard about today?

Michelle’s budget is much more detailed than the one I already have, which is great. She’ll cover stuff that I haven’t thought about. I need to start including breaking down renewal fees for my website and domain, professional dues, buying air filters every three months and car repairs into monthly installments.

It’s hard to think of ending my newspaper subscription. Some days, I read it. Others I don’t. I think I can cut that $11 monthly expense from somewhere else, though.

What did I learn from today’s chapter?

This chapter didn’t tell me anything I hadn’t heard or read before. But the power is really in applying the knowledge wholeheartedly into the 21-day fast. Here are some of my favorite parts of the chapter:

1. “You can’t keep living without a plan for your money. That’s like going on a cross-country trip to visit cities and towns you’ve never been to before, only you don’t have a roadmap. No map, you get lost. It’s the same with your finances. no budget, you get lost.”
2. Adrienne’s testimony: “I’ve learned that I’m not supposed to spend the money until it’s gone. I also learned that I could actually live with a lot less than what I previously thought was necessary.”

She’s given me the idea to go ahead and put money in my credit union account to set up a monthly direct deposit on my student loan. That way, I’d have no choice but to put that money aside to avoid spending it. Plus, that will save me money on interest and help me pay more toward my principal in the long run.

What I was feeling today about my finances?

I feel neutral. I was so excited to renew my library books so I wouldn’t get fined. Then I saw that I can only avoid incurring a fee if I finish reading “Wild” by tonight. I’ve got about 200 pages to go. Welp. There goes my resolution to not incur library fees this year.

I’m excited about my credit review with my credit union tomorrow. I hope it’s productive.


After reading about Michelle’s penny-pinching ways in “7 Money Mantras for a Richer Life: How to Live Well with the Money You Have,” I literally just got pissed at a night light. It was a waste of $1.07. It was in the font of the cash register. I thought it was only $1. The nightlight is placed right under a window. Therefore, did I really need it there. Ugh. I hope I wasn’t wasting electricity. My hall doesn’t even have an outlet. Then I placed the nightlight to the bathroom. A much better use.


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