Day 6: You Can’t Buy Contentment

Main Point: Be content with what you have.

Today’s assignment: Make a list of at least three things you’ve said lately that express a lack of contentment. Then ask God for forgiveness for not appreciating what you have. Clean your house. Give or throw away everything you haven’t used the last year.

Three things with which I’m not content.

  • I wish I had more bedroom furniture, particularly a dresser.
  • I wish I had cooler shoes, especially boots.
  • I want a futon or small bed for the guest bedroom/office.

What I wanted to buy today, but didn’t:

I spotted this beautiful navy blue cocktail dress with cap sleeves in the window at The Bargain Box in early December. When a friend and I walked by the store today, it was still there. And there was a huge sign that said 40% off merchandise until Monday, Jan. 20. I said, “I love that dress, but I don’t need it.” I have absolutely no idea if I would fit in it, but I can’t lie, I’d love to try.

What was easy about today?

I really enjoyed cooking for the next few days. Stuffed pasta shells are one of my favorite dishes, but I hadn’t made it in months. The fast gave me a reason, too. It should last well throughout the week.

Going out was actually easy. Also, a friend asked me to attend his a birthday party with him. And guess what? We got free admission for arriving before 10 p.m., and there was cake and finger foods available for everyone. SCORE! And my friend bought me a mixed drink so I wasn’t totally without. I would have been OK with or without the drink.

What was hard about today?

It was hard to hang out downtown and not want to go to my favorite jewelry store.

What did I learn from today’s chapter?

I had already starting learning to be more content with what I have before reading this chapter, but I’m thankful that it reiterated the importance of contentment. Happiness doesn’t have to come from material things.

What I was feeling today about my finances?

While at AAA this morning, my estimated cost for future repairs at more than $1,600. I will be seeking a second opinion. But the good thing is, I know how much I can save so I don’t have to charge a credit card again. I feel better about my finances knowing that I can cut some stuff out to make room for necessities.


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