Day 5: Evils of Entitlement

Main Point: A sense of entitlement could be getting in the way of God blessing you.

Today’s assignment (Jan. 15): Think of an occasion where you gave in to your sense of entitlement. How much did your sense of entitlement cost you?

Most recently, concert tickets and lodging for a trip cost me $404.

B. List at least three things you are grateful for. Then, in a specific prayer, give thanks to God for these blessings.

  • I have a job in which I can be creative, use my talents to help the team and have fun.
  • I have loving friends and family.
  • I have a nice home that I’m proud to open to my friends.

Want I wanted to buy today, but didn’t:

Whatever was in the middle section of Aldi – kitchen items, workout gear, stuff I don’t need. I literally had to turn my head in the opposite direction and keep pushing my cart to the cashier.

What was easy about today?

It relatively easy to grocery shop today because I checked my cupboards before leaving and typed a list on my phone. I’m proud for not buying anything that wasn’t on my list. The total bill was $31.72.

What was hard about today?

Not having an afternoon snack. I was tempted to just spend a dollar at the vending machine. My co-worker saved me by giving me a mint that I must have savored for 20 minutes. I remedied the lack of afternoon snacks at the grocery store by buying apples. I. WILL. EAT. THOSE. APPLES.

Another hard part was explaining to a friend that I might have to skip out on a mutual friend’s birthday dinner next week. I had already RSVP’d to the dinner prior to committing to the fast, so it was an awkward text conversation. Maybe I can enjoy some cake.

What did I learn from today’s chapter?

My idea of wants and needs are greatly distorted. I’ve been putting impulse purchases or wants in front of needs, sometimes not paying small bills in lieu of satisfying that urge to spend. But i have to realize that my money isn’t even my own because of debt. Today’s chapter challenged my sense of entitlement for almost everything – clothes, trips, weird stuff.

It hurt to read about Michelle’s public admonishment of Kiesha, who drastically cut her expenses and managed to save $2,500 for a trip with her mother. I thought that was great. But Michelle said she should used that money toward her $8,000 debt. Those words hit home. I just spent the money I could have used to pay off a credit card on a trip to New Orleans this summer. I thought it was great that I paid with cash, but it’s not enough. Big expenses like that really make you think about how serious you are about reduce debt.

What I was feeling today about my finances?

I’m neutral today. Today was the first with spending the cash I withdrew from the ATM. It’s definitely different than swiping my debit card. I’m more aware of what I’m spending because it’s it infinite, paper form. When it’s gone, it’s gone. I have $203.28 left for the remaining 16 days and don’t look forward to getting air filters tomorrow.

I got slapped with another high gas bill, though. I’ll have to figure out how to reduce that.


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