Day 3: Cheerful Giving

Main Point: To whom much is given, much is required.

Today’s assignment (Jan. 15): Think of at least one person who you could help financially or with time.

The one person I thought about most was my mother. I want to give her this book when I’m through with it so she could learn the tenets of the fast. Over the weekend, I talked her out of buying an ottoman coffee table for a guest room in the house. She spends money on unnecessary items instead of saving them. Over Christmas, I asked why she was buying gift cards for distant relatives who probably never think about her. Money literally burns through her hands. In this case, I definitely want to be the apple that falls far from the tree.

Want I wanted to buy today, but didn’t?

  1. Nothing really.

What was easy about today?

Tracking my expenses with the Toshl Finance app.

What was hard about today?

Walking by my $5 Starbucks gift card, knowing I can’t use it, sucked today. I also signed up on a free dating site, knowing that you get what you pay for. This should be interesting.

It’s also difficult to figure out how much I want to pay back toward debt. I’m trying to be extra conservative.

What was I feeling today about my finances?

I felt hopeful. Today was payday. I went ahead and zipped to the credit union to put $25 in my savings account. In the morning, I’ll hand in my direct deposit form to the HR department so I can start saving part of my check, even though it’s a small part, in that savings account. Every little bit counts. These are positive steps toward financial peace.

I also went by the ATM and withdrew a good chunk of cash, so I’ll spend from that for the next few weeks. No plastic – debit or credit.

I didn’t like seeing the phone bill that increased greatly because of my family’s upgrades. Now, I’ll have to figure out what each of us owes.

I also got some encouragement from the founder of, who basically said what I knew all along – I could cut expenses so much. I need to find more freelance work or get a second job. Maybe, I’ll look into Express positions again.


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