Day 2: A Promise of Prosperity

Main Point: God promises prosperity.

Today’s assignment (Jan. 14): Consider how you’ve broken any of the Ten Commandments in ways that have left you broke?

I must admit that I didn’t think the book with be this “churchy” or Bible-based. This type of introspection makes me a tad uncomfortable because I haven’t visited a church in months. But I like the way Michelle has posed certain questions to really examine myself.

“Thou shalt not steal” really struck me. Michelle asks, “For example, if you habitually show up late or waste time on the job, how would you feel if you were the boss?” Given that my job requires me to be on social media, I’ve blurred the lines of work and play. Sometimes, I do spend more time on extracurricular activities or making posts on social media than I do on actual work. I can get distracted easily and should probably only use lunch time or specific periods to check my personal email or take social media breaks. That’s a better way of managing my time. I’d like to work on that to be fair to my employer.

Want I wanted to buy today, but didn’t?

  1. Harris Teeter had one of my favorite desserts on sale – Jello Pudding (2 packs for $4). I just kept walking with my jug of orange juice to the register. Mmmm…I wonder if I could justify pudding as a necessity.

What was easy about today?

Tracking my expenses with the Toshl Finance app.

What was hard about today?

The hardest pill to swallow was learning that I can’t use gift cards to shop. That was going to be my escape! I mean, it’s not my money. But it doesn’t matter to Michelle Singletary.

What was I feeling today about my finances?

I felt like I needed to do this fast to stay in control and get a good track for handing over a chunk of change to Uncle Sam for my grad school loans.


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