Day 1: Breaking Bonds

Main Point: We need to be set free from the bondage spending holds on our lives.

Today’s Assignment (Jan. 13): Make a list of any potential obstacles that may prevent you from sticking to the fast and then decide how to eliminate them.

Here it goes:

  1. Obstacle: Having access to credit cards. Solution: Taking the cards out of my wallet and freezing them.
  2. Obstacle: Wanting to have fun with my friends, which usually costs money. Solution: Tell my friends now that I’m participating in a financial fast that doesn’t allow me to spend money on entertainment or eating out.
  3. Obstacle: Eating out when I’m in a rush and caving in to cravings. Solution: Plan meals ahead of time and already them prepared in the fridge, resisting the urge to visit a fast food restaurant.
  4. Obstacle: Wanting to buy something new after experiencing a bad day or a bad situation. Solution: Exercise that energy or seek comfort by talking to someone.

Pledge: “I promise to follow the 21-day financial fast so that I may put myself on the path of prosperity and financial freedom.”


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